Barneys NY, Amazon, Spyralclip, Zannclip, Xenclip, QVC – WTF..!?

If you’re here you must be a curious one. And possibly a confused one.

Let me clarify…

XenClips – sold here – and Zannclips – sold on Amazon* – are the same product. (*FYI – ZannClips will soon be replaced with XenClips on Amazon.)

And so begins the story of how SpiralClip became SpyralClip became ZannClip became XenClip.

Way back when I used to sell my (what I then called) SpiralClips to Barney’s NY.  In fact, XenClip has sold — in it’s various name incarnations–  at many fine retail stores including small boutiques all over the world. I designed and manufactured a full accessories line under my then married name Suzanne Bennett Accessories. I was represented by Fragments Showroom in NYC and previously Cynthia O’Connor NY.  For many years I enjoyed a thriving business; you can find a sampling of my (vintage) press in the Media section. So, short story, if you’re wondering if these are the same “SpiralClips” found in Barney’s NY some years ago – you are correct.

So… I went away for awhile. You know, life… I got divorced, had a baby (yes, in that order) and closed my business. Some years passed before I started manufacturing and selling again.  Better late than never, so my mother always said.

Then came ZannClip:

Through a dear friend my then aptly (albeit unimaginatively) named SpiralClips landed in the hands – or should I say landed on the head – of an editor at Glamour Magazine– a marathon runner who fell in L.O.V.E. and asked if I’d like them to be included in their magazine.  I was thrilled. Her only comment, suggestion really, was to give the excellent product a more unique/refined name,…  I was fine great whatever; my clip is going to be in Glamour!  After some conversation someone said  “Hey, what about ZannClip? You’re the designer – so a take on your name Suzanne”.  Sure, whatever, my clip is going to be in Glamour! (You can find this piece on the Media page.) 

ZannClip it remained for quite some time… A little later I had an opportunity to go on QVC but my USA made ZannClip was too expensive for them.. I also didn’t want to sell a product with the same name of inferior quality; thus the birth of SpyralClip. I, with the help of some nice people in China, essentially knocked myself off. Really. Not joking.  Yes, that was me on the TV doing the live presentations at 4:00am or whatever. I was on 4/5 times. That was fun. Not really. And they knocked my pricing down so low and after all their fees etc, I was lucky to make $1 each. So, yeah, I don’t think you’ll find me there again – but never say never.  There’s mom again. 

I continue to manufacture and sell china imported SpyralClips— currently only sold on Amazon.  I felt/feel it’s important to continue delivering to those who request a less expensive version. SpyralClips do not come with Lifetime Guarantee and will not be found on this website. That said, not a bad product (really!) they work well only they’re made of inferior materials – metal core not as firm and a more lightweight finish. Bottom line, they won’t stand up as long as the real deal.

Moving on.

Then one day – I cannot say why or exactly when –  XenClip came to mind. I liked the X as a symbol of the coil / spiral part and that the word Xen is pronounced ‘Zen’.. What’s not to like about ZEN

So here I am.  Re-inventing myself. My baby is now a completely AMAZING, awesome teenager. Awesome and teenager– an oxymoron, right!? I wanted to shoot myself there for a few years, but coming up on 16, she has become awesomeness I cannot explain. Just the other day, after I arrived home from work to a clean house(!), I heard her in her room listening to Billie Holiday. Secretly my heart skipped a beat. For some time I thought the sun wouldn’t come out until she hit her twenties, but not so. She has returned to living the 3 R’s (isn’t that the best). I’m speaking of Dalai Lama (though we’re big on the other 3 r’s too: Reduce , Reuse Recycle). Hey! another great advantage of the Xenclip. NO WASTE 🙂. Anyway, my daughter Winter (My nickname for her is Winterful :-), and I are great pals and I truly feel blessed.

Re price variations on Amazon vs 

You will notice a price difference between XenClip here vs (currently still “ZannClip”) on Amazon. Amazon seller fees are hefty, so I’ve removed that expense by selling directly to you. Some people prefer to shop Amazon and that’s just fine; I could be considered an Amazon Prime addict myself. That said, I’d rather extend the lowest price possible to you here on, while also leaving enough room to Give Back in a meaningful way.

I’d like to think this has all made sense…

If you have made it this far and still have questions, send me an email. Actually, you can send me an email even if you skipped to the end 🙂