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The small size is generally used for half back, or an up-twist for fine and/or shorter hair (some do use this small size as a pony holder). Our customers also like to use this size to pull bangs or short front layers back to make a “pouf”.

Check out our LOOK BOOK to help choose the right XenClip for you!

Approximately 3 1/8″ long x 3/8 wide

Small size Smooth Blonde *powder coat finish. Made in the USA.

Small size Slight texture Dark Brown *powder coat finish. Made in the USA.

Small size Slight texture Black *powder coat finish. Made in the USA.

Light Brown, Copper, and Matte Grey finish coming soon!



XenClips are intended to replace jaw clip style barrettes– they are not intended as a ponytail holder. XenClips fasten your hair up comfortably, securely, are easy to use and are designed to work without damaging your lustrous locks. XenClips accommodate fine to thick hair. Check out our customer testimonials to find out more.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2.5 x .3125 in

2 reviews for XenClip – SM

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I bought this barrette in large size several years ago, shouldn’t have waited so long to get this size
    I purchased this barrette in large from QVC when I saw it there several years ago. I have a large container filled with all sorts of clips and barrettes, ponytail holders, etc. But, the ZannClip is the only clip that is consistently comfortable and never slips. There is a knock-off sold in drugstores by a major manufacturer but, it doesn’t have the stem that holds the clip snuggly in the hair. Rather than throwing out $8+ on a subpar product, I decided to search for the ZannClip when I cut my hair & wanted a smaller clip. I cut 5″ off the length of my hair and the large clip still holds onto my hair. But, I wanted the small size so I could pull back the sides of my hair only. You can Google ZannClip to find videos of how to use the barette and how to select the right size for your hair type and length. Yes, this barrette is 4x as expensive as the aforementioned knock-off but, it’s worth every dime. The only time I’ve used a barrette other than my large ZannClip is when I misplaced it. To help reduce the possibility of that happening and because I wear gold and silver jewelry, I opted to buy one each of the gold plated and platinum plated small ZannClip. FYI – this is not a flimsy product. Yes, it’s flexible so you can bend it around your hair but, it’s not cheap-feeling.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


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