Suzanne Shaw

Founder of XenCompany

Developer of the XenClip, XenPin, XenClique (coming soon) and lots of other useful stuff.

I am the 6th of 7 children, a twenty year span by the same parents— yes this actually still exists in the modern western world. In fact my youngest brother handles part of the manufacturing for me in Colorado. So not only are Xenclips 100% made in the USA, and a large portion of sales goes to help others, but it’s a family business too! 🙂

I got my start many moons ago selling my first beaded hair combs to Zitomer Pharmacy under the name Suzanne Bennett Accessories. For those of you who don’t know Zitomer, it’s a chic mini-department store on Madison Avenue which still stands and has become iconic.  I went on to design lots of beautiful things for the hair— you can see some of my old press in the Media section. I sold to Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Barney’s, and over 200 trendy boutiques all over the world. Initially, I was represented by Fragments Showroom NYC, then Cynthia O’Connor & Co. also out of NYC. More about all of this on the WTF?! Page>>

The joy of my life is my daughter who has grown into the most awesome young woman. She’s super creative, an advanced art student who, I’m proud to say, is involved in Global Service work. She is learning about nutrition and is currently compiling her notes for a book!

I also have a passion for nutrition. My mom was a pioneer in the industry and it frustrates me (UNDERSTATEMENT) how the food industry, big pharma, Monsanto, etc are participating in intentionally confusing and hurting humans just to make a buck. Ok, ok – billions of bucks. But it’s wrong. In my Oh! And… section, I will post some healthy tidbits that I think you and all those you care about may be interested in…  Did you know burning plain unscented paraffin candles is as bad as inhaling second hand smoke? Crazy right?! Read more here >>